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Rohit Shukla

Larta Institute
Founder and CEO
He founded the Larta Institute in 1993 and incorporated it as an independent non-profit organization in 1997. It is a mission based organization, focused on the transformation of ideas into enterprises working to feed the world, fuel the world and heal the world. Larta designs and manage commercialization initiatives to guide the transition of publicly funded R&D into commercial businesses. Larta represents a portfolio of companies and technologies to large organizations in food and agriculture, alternative energy, and health care. Larta curates solutions to problems affecting society from around the globe, and works with a world-class network of experts, buyers, investors, and public and private organizations. Larta stimulates innovation through their focus on adoption and commercialization of great ideas. Over 20 years, first as a partner with the State of California between 1993 and 2003, and then with large federal agencies and countries around the world, Larta has successfully completed many projects with great results. Their network of industry executives, domain experts, entrepreneurs and leaders of organizations, is a point of distinction. Ideas, Energized. That's Larta's tag line and it captures their value proposition.